Hence Marketing helps shape your brand with a holistic approach involving research, defining key brand elements, formulating messaging, and weaving your story/persona throughout it all.


Assessing your current consumer experience, brand consistency, and visual/content identity


Perfect for new and established businesses, solopreneurs, and special events


A logo suite in line with either your current branding or the branding we create together

Brand development can involve...

Market research/analysis
Core messaging development
Templating & graphic identity
Defined audience(s)
Logo suite & usage
Aesthetic & typography

Point of view
Brand voice/persona
Unique value proposition

A strong brand is crucial.

"86% of consumers prefer an authentic brand image and honest personality, especially when it comes to social media driving digital trends and changing how we look at brands in the future. Branding is no longer an afterthought. It is the primary fuel powering your business and driving sales."

- Simonetta Lein, Forbes

Logo Design

A brand is more than a logo, and a logo is more than a quick graphic. Tying a strong logo suite to your messaging is crucial for creating memorable impressions.

Our graphic designers get to know your expectations, business, aesthetic, and audience. Whether you're a start-up or an established business seeking a fresh take, our designers provide you with exactly what you're looking for.

Your brand deserves to shine.

We can make it happen.